The 7th Latin Mass Society Walking Pilgrimage to Walsingham, 25 to 28 August 2016: For the conversion of England

A short documentary about the 2013 Pilgrimage to whet your appetite for 2016...

Accommodation en route
Daily Mass open to everyone
The Final Day of the Pilgrimage
Coach from London
Can You Lend a Hand? Volunteers Needed!
Prices and How to Apply

"When England returns to Walsingham Our Lady will return to England" ~ Pope Leo XIII




You are invited to the seventh Latin Mass Society walking pilgrimage for the conversion of England. We will be walking from Ely to Walsingham from 25 to 28 August 2016. This is the August Bank Holiday weekend.

Pilgrims must arrive in Ely for registration on Thursday, 25 August by 7.00pm at the latest.

There will be a sung Traditional Latin Mass each day and Confession will be available throughout the pilgrimage.

Mass on the second day will be in the private chapel at Oxburgh Hall. This is a c15th moated manor house which is still the home of the Bedingfeld family, who built it nearly six hundred years ago. Oxburgh Hall was a recusant house in penal times and has a priest hole.

During the pilgrimage there will be recitation of the Rosary, spiritual conferences from our chaplains, the singing of traditional chants and hymns, periods of silence and quiet reflection, and the chance to chat with other pilgrims and to renew friendships, or establish new ones. 

Sung Mass at Oxburgh HallAccommodation en route

This pilgrimage is open to all ages and to families.

We want to encourage as many families to attend this pilgrimage as possible. For that reason we have secured limited indoor accommodation for each night. The indoor accommodation is for use by women and children. Women and children are also free to camp if they wish. Camping is compulsory for men. Please note that children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. 

Daily Mass open to everyone - not just pilgrims

If, for any reason, you are unable to take part in the pilgrimage itself, you are more than welcome to attend any or all of the Masses along the way.

Friday, 26 August: St Etheldreda’s Catholic Church, 19 Egremont Street, Ely, CB6 1AE 6.15am (Sung or High Mass)
Saturday, 27 August:
Oxburgh Hall, Oxborough, near Swaffham, Norfolk PE33 9PS 8am (Sung or High Mass).
Sunday, 28 August:
Chapel of Reconciliation, Catholic National Shrine, Walsingham, 2pm  (High Mass).  

The Slipper ChapelThe Final Day of the Pilgrimage

The pilgrimage will conclude on Sunday afternoon (28 August) with Mass at 2pm at the National Shrine in Walsingham (in the Chapel of Reconciliation next to the Slipper Chapel). Pilgrims will have the opportunity to visit the Slipper Chapel as well. This will be followed by a procession along the Holy Mile from the Slipper Chapel to the ruins of the Abbey in the centre of Walsingham itself. The Abbey grounds have been booked from 4pm and there will be prayers of thanksgiving offered there. The gate to the grounds closes at 5pm, so pilgrims will have the chance to spend some time there, after the conclusion of the pilgrimage.

The Slipper Chapel marks the start of the final, 'Holy Mile' to the Holy House of Walsingham, where in the eleventh century Our Lady appeared in a dream to the Lady Richeldis de Faverches and asked her to build a house like the Holy House of Nazareth. The house contained a wooden statue of the Virgin Mary with the child Jesus seated on her lap. A priory was later built beside the Holy House. During the reign of King Henry VIII the priory was closed as part of the Dissolution of the Monasteries and the statue was taken to London and burnt.

The Slipper Chapel had been used as a farm building until returning to Catholic hands in the c20th; it is now the centre of the Catholic Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham, which Pope Francis raised to the status of a minor basilica on 27 December 2015. 

On the following day, Monday 29 August, a Missa Cantata will be celebrated in the Slipper Chapel for LMS Pilgrims who have spent the night in the area, at 10am: see below.

Coach from London on the Sunday

For those wishing to attend the final Mass in Walsingham only, we are organising a coach, leaving central London, on Sunday, 28 August. Seats on the coach MUST be booked in advance. 



Can You Lend a Hand? Volunteers Needed!

As the pilgrimage grows from year to year, we need more volunteers to help things run smoothly.

As all these volunteer activities can be demanding and time-consuming, you must appreciate that you will not be able to participate fully in the pilgrimage as other pilgrims will. In recognition of that, people selected as volunteers will go free of charge (although if you wish to make a financial donation towards the pilgrimage that will be gratefully received).

We need people to help drive a minibus (which we hire) and support vehicles. If using your own vehicle, all your expenses (petrol etc) will be covered.

We also need people willing to help with stewarding and others to help with the preparation of food.

If you are a singer, you might like to join the choir at the Masses and processions.

MCs and altar servers are also welcome.

Phone the LMS office, before you make your booking, on 020 7404 7284 or email us on if you would like to help. Thank you. 

Pilgrims approach Oxburgh Hall where they attended Mass in the private family chapelPrices and How to Apply

Adult LMS members: £75.00
Adult non-LMS members: £105.00

Under 18s*: £50.00
LMS member students: £50.00
Non-member students: £60.00

If you are not a member of the LMS, join today and enjoy a saving on the cost of the pilgrimage, and other LMS events during the coming twelve months. The single annual membership fee is £25; by selecting the 'Combined Pilgrimage and Membership Package' option on the registration page, you will further contribute to the work of the LMS.

*Accompanied by an adult - for legal reasons no unaccompanied minors are permitted on the pilgrimage. Under 16s must be accompanied by parent or nominated adult throughout the pilgrimage.

To avoid any confusion at a later date, when applying please make sure that you first fill out the booking form, and read the FAQs and Disclaimer below.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to be a member of the LMS to take part in the pilgrimage?
A: No. Those who are not LMS members are warmly welcomed to join the pilgrimage. If you are currently not a member but would like to take advantage of the £30 Members' discount on the price of the pilgrimage, you can join online now to qualify. You might like to know that LMS membership also qualifies you for discounts on other events through the year.

 Q: When does the pilgrimage begin?
A: Pilgrims will meet in Ely by 7pm on the evening of Thursday 27 August 2015. The pilgrimage proper will begin with Mass the following morning.

Q: When does the pilgrimage conclude?
A: Sung Mass on Sunday begins at 2pm and is followed by a procession along the Holy Mile. The Abbey grounds have been booked from 4pm and we will have prayers there in thanksgiving. The Abbey gates close at 5pm, by which time all pilgrims must have left the grounds.

Q: If I drive to Ely, how do I get back to my car?
A: Pilgrims travelling by car are encouraged to park their cars in Walsingham at the Catholic Shrine on Thursday evening. There will then be a minibus departing from Walsingham at 4.30pm on the Thursday back to Ely for the start of the pilgrimage.

Q: If I get a return ticket to Ely by train, how will I get back to Ely?
A: There will be support vehicles taking pilgrims back to Ely at the conclusion of the pilgrimage. We should be able to get you back to Ely on Sunday evening by 7pm. Please bear this in mind when booking your train tickets.

Q: How far do you walk each day?
A: Approximately 22 miles on Friday and Saturday and 11 miles on Sunday. A total of 55 miles.

Q: Do I have to carry all my luggage as I walk?
A: No. A support vehicle will carry your heavy bags. Pilgrims are advised to bring a small bag ('day sac') to carry food and water.

Q: What if I can’t walk the whole way?
A: A support vehicle is on hand to pick up pilgrims who can’t continue for any reason, at designated points along the route. Only those expecting to be able to complete the whole walk should attempt it, but this is possible for anyone reasonably fit.

Q: What are the sleeping arrangements?
A: On Thursday evening we have booked a parish hall and a local campsite; it is also possible to find Bed and Breakfast accomodation in Ely for that night; this isn't possible for the subsequent nights of the piligrimage.

All pilgrims are welcome to stay at the campsite if they wish. Those staying at the campsite will need to bring their own tents.

The use of the parish hall is for women and children only. Those staying in the hall will need to bring sleeping bags. On Friday, we have booked the school hall at Stoke Ferry and the adjoining field. On Saturday, we shall stay at Great Massingham Village Hall and adjoining field.

Pilgrims arrive in WalsinghamQ: Do you provide food and water?
A: Yes, as follows:

Thursday: A hot evening meal will be served 7:30 t0 8pm. 
Friday: Breakfast (bread, cereal, porridge). Lunch: bread and water is provided at lunch (you will need to bring your own sandwich-fillers and anything else you might like). Supper: cooked evening meal will be provided.*
Saturday: same as Friday.
Sunday: same as Friday for breakfast and lunch.

*Dinner on Friday will be meat-free.

Water is provided at designated points on the walk. Bottles or bags for carrying water are highly recommended.

We are able to provide vegetarian and gluten-free diets; if you have any other special dietary requirements you will have to supply your own food. Please note, cooking facilities will not be available for this purpose.

Sunday evening and Bank Holiday Monday

Some pilgrims like to stay in Walsingham on the Sunday night. This provides the opportunity to relax with fellow pilgrims, to dine together and to attend Mass in the Slipper Chapel at 10.00am on Monday, before finally heading home. Whilst this does not form part of the official pilgrimage programme, pilgrims are warmly invited, and encouraged, to stay. Any costs incurred for this must be met by the pilgrims themselves. As on Sunday, transport will be provided to return people to Ely or London. This transport is limited and is very much on a first-come first-served basis. 


As with all such similar pilgrimages and courses that we organise, as a corporate, spiritual, and physical enterprise, the participants of a walking pilgrimage must conform to certain social, religious, and physical standards. Accordingly, the Latin Mass Society reserves the right to decline applications to join the pilgrimage at its discretion, and without appeal.

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