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Winter edition of Mass of Ages now on sale online
Appeal by Priests for lay faithful to support the Mass
Traditional Requiem Mass this Saturday at one London's few Catholic Cemeteries
Confirmations in Traditional Rite a Great Success - photos
FSSP Clergy Retreat
LMS Ordo for 2015 on sale
LMS Calendar for 2015 now on sale online
Recent 'Excommunications' of Lay Supporters of SSPX - Press Release from the Latin Mass Society
Pontifical High Mass at Norwich Cathedral

Mass of Ages Winter 2014Winter edition of Mass of Ages now on sale online

28 NOVEMBER 2014

The latest edition of Mass of Ages is now on sale and can be purchased from our online shop or below at the end of this posting.

The new issue focuses on those who do NOT like the Traditional Mass and asks why. We have an interview with an elderly couple in Arundel and Brighton Diocese who are fervently and ideologically opposed to the Old Rite. They give their reasons!

We have an interview with Fr David Rocks, OP, the prior of Holy Cross Priory, Leicester, who has shown that you can introduce the Old Rite into a city centre parish without causing division, through hard work, patience and pastoral sensitivity. This edition also contains an open letter to the bishops of England and Wales from LMS Chairman Dr Joseph Shaw, asking them to adopt a more pro-active approach towards spreading provision of the Old Rite in their dioceses.

We have the first of a two-part feature on the persecuted Catholics of the Middle East, and the latest succinct but pithy column from Fr Bede Rowe on things that you might have thought the Church had forgotten or stopped believing in, or at least that often can be the impression. In this edition he tackles relics - do we still believe in them?

We also have new, regular columns from our recently appointed Rome correspondent Alberto Carosa and a notebook/diary column from Mary O'Regan who tells us how name-dropping can be a form of evangelisation.

We have all our regular articles, of course, news from around the country, full Mass listings for England and Wales, opinion pieces and features. All this at a bargain price.

Buy your copy here:

Mass of Ages (Winter 2014)

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Appeal by Priests for lay faithful to support the Mass

27 NOVEMBER 2014

Canon Watson and Fr Millar (pictured right) of Our Lady of Eden Parish in Cumbria, have commenced to offer the Traditional Rite as part of the Parish life. The Masses are currently offered fortnightly, and the Priests hope to increase the frequency. With this they have appealed to the Latin Mass Society to help inform it's members and the wider general public, to assist in supporting these Masses.

It has been noticed that when LMS members are unaware of a Mass being offered in Carlisle, that the Mass attendance is greatly reduced. To this end, we produce this little report on this gem of the North and encourage the general public, and our members to support these courageous Priests in their endeavour in every way.

Article on Our Lady of Eden Parish

Note - The name, Our Lady of Eden, is taken from the geographical place - the Eden Valley, located in Cumbria, North England. Providentially, and uniquely, the Parish also proclaims the Queenship of Our Lady over the terrestrial and the heavenly Garden of Eden.

On Saturday 15th February 2014 the Right Reverend Michael Gregory Campbell OSA, Bishop of Lancaster, merged the parishes of Our Lady & St Joseph’s, Carlisle and Our Lady & St Wilfrid’s, Warwick Bridge (including the chapel of St Ninian at Brampton) to form the new parish of Our Lady of Eden. 

On the same day Bishop Campbell constituted Our Lady & St Joseph’s Church as a collegiate church, to be served by a new chapter of canons under the title of the Canons of SS Ambrose and Charles Borromeo. This community of canons daily offer the Divine Office together, as well as a time of meditation. The canons also share a common table, and the house is hoped to become a place of support and fellowship for visiting priests.

The Priests who make up this new chapter have started to introduce the Traditional Mass back into the Parish life. It is a pastoral outreach to those attached to the Traditional Rite, who would under other circumstances have to travel to Glasgow, or Preston to the nearest Mass. Starting with fortnightly Masses, the Canons hope, with the support of the faithful, to offer the Mass every Sunday.

They appeal to local LMS members to support the Masses, and to keep in touch with the Parish of Our Lady and St Joseph to receive updates on any additional Masses.

Extract from the Parish Newsletter of Our Lady and St Joseph on Sunday 23 November.

Extraordinary Form Mass (Latin)

The provision of Mass according to the Missal of St John XXIII (sometimes known as the extraordinary form or the Tridentine Mass) within the parish is a pastoral service to those attached to this venerable and ancient form of prayer. It in no way affects the ordinary celebration of Mass at other times, which is always carried out according to the rubrics of the 2003 GIRM and the decrees of the Second Vatican Council. It is offered to support the prayer life of parishioners who find this helps them draw closer to God, just as it did for generations of Catholics and most of the Church's saints.

In terms of our obligations in Canon Law, the 2007 Motu Proprio "Summorum Pontificum" requires us to willingly accept the requests of the faithful for the celebration of Mass according to this Missal. It also specifies that this should for part of the ordinary pastoral care of the parish, where like ours there is a group of the faithful attached to it.

From the Letter to Bishop's of Pope Benedict XVI (2007) "There is no contradiction between the two editions of the Roman Missal. In the history of the liturgy there is growth and progress, but no rupture. What earlier generations held as sacred, remains sacred and great for us too, and it cannot be all of a sudden entirely forbidden or even considered harmful. It behooves all of us to preserve the riches which have developed in the Church's faith and prayer, and to them their proper place."

Prayer to Our Lady of Eden composed by Father Millar and recited at Benediction every Saturday.

Prayer to Our Lady of Eden

O Blessed Virgin Mary, new Eve and Mother of all the Living, by your humble obedience to the will of God at the Annunciation you undid the disobedience of our first parents in the Garden of Eden, and opened to us your children the possibility of Paradise. By your motherly intercession may we, who place our lives into your hands, be guided to obey the will of the Father in all things so that we may come at length to the joys of the heavenly garden. Watch over and abundantly bless our parish that the fruits of the Spirit may flourish among us. 


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St Patrick's Catholic Cemetery, Leytonstone, LondonTraditional Requiem Mass this Saturday at one London's few Catholic Cemeteries

19 NOVEMBER 2014

St Patrick's Catholic Cemetery in Leytonestone, east London, opened in 1868 to cope with the population expansion in Hackney in the C19th. The cemetery buildings, including its yellow brick Gothic mortuary chapel, were designed by the Catholic architect Samuel J Nicholl, who designed a number of Catholic churches as well as the cemetery buildings of St Mary’s Catholic Cemetery at Kensal Green. By the early 1980s 168,000 burials are recorded as having taken place at St Patrick's.

Thanks to the efforts of our Local Rep for Brentwood Diocese, Mark Johnson, the LMS has held an annual Sung Requiem Mass in the Old Rite in the cemetery chapel for a number of years now.

This Saturday, 22 November 2014 at 10.30am sees the latest such Traditional Requiem for the repose of the souls of the faithful departed. Venue details: St Patrick's Cemetery, Langthorne Road, Leytonstone, London E11 4HL.

Several generations of Catholics are buried at St Patrick's Cemetery and it is our duty, as faithful Catholics, to continue to pray for their souls as they, if they are in Purgatory or Heaven, will pray for us. November, as the month dedicated to the Holy Souls, is the most fitting season to do this.

If you live in London or Brentwood Diocese, why not come along to the chapel this Saturday morning and attend the Mass? You will also have the chance to visit the graves in this remarkable cemetery. Requiescant in pace.

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LMS Confirmation ceremony - a candidate receives the Traditional SacramentConfirmations in Traditional Rite a Great Success - photos

17 NOVEMBER 2014

Twenty-four candidates received the Traditional Rite of Confirmation on Saturday at the LMS's annual ceremony at St James's, Spanish Place, in central London.

Rt Rev John Arnold, auxiliary bishop of Westminster conferred the Sacrament for us. In fact, we were fortunate to have Bishop Arnold as, we understand, he will be leaving Westiminster in the next week or so to prepare to take up his new appointment at the next Bishop of Salford.

Assisting the bishop were Rev Christopher Colven, Rector of St James's, Fr Rupert McHardy of the Brompton Oratory, and Fr David Irwin.

We believe that we managed to take photos of all the candidates as they received Confirmation and a photo set of those shots can be viewed here. Other photos of the day can be viewed here.

UPDATE: More photos now available here.

LMS Confirmations















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FSSP Clergy Retreat

13 NOVEMBER 2014

From Fr Armand de Malleray FSSP

Dear Father,

A young fellow priest of mine, Kenneth, was shot dead by an intruder last June in Arizona. This tragedy led me to reflect on us consecrated men in relation to the Four Last Things: Death, Judgment, Hell and Heaven (cf Catechism of the Catholic Church ## 678-682; 992-1004; 1020-1065). I will preach on this next May. Could you come?

According to God’s bounty, our destination is eternal happiness with Him. No one ends up in Hell against their will. But our consecration to God entails specific commitments, and endows us with specific graces. Our sanctification and salvation will depend on how clearly we understand those commitments and how lovingly we correspond to those graces.

God bless,

Fr Armand de Malleray, FSSP (England)

When: Monday 4 May to Friday 8 May 2015. That retreat will take place at the Marian Shrine of Wigratzbad in Bavaria (picture: Lake Constance, near Wigratzbad). 

Whom: Not only priests, diocesan or not, but any consecrated men are welcome, including deacons, religious and seminarians (cum permissione superiorum), irrespective of nationality and country of residence.

I preach Clergy retreats every year. Our local Ordinary Bishop Philip Egan of Portsmouth supported the last two retreats in his Ad Clerum. We were 13 priests and deacons last May, and 15 the year before. Mostly diocesan. In response to the current “Year of Consecrated Life” decided by Pope Francis, I would like to invite not only priests, but any consecrated men as well.

Schedule: One conference preached in English in the morning and another one in the afternoon. Daily Eucharistic adoration at the shrine (with optional Rosary). Private Masses in the Ordinary or Extraordinary Form as you prefer. Latin Compline (on option: EF Divine Office and Community Mass with the 80 seminarians). Meals in silence with table readings. Optional private meeting with Retreat Master. Several English speaking confessors.

Getting there: From England, the simplest is to book your Ryanair direct flight return from London Stansted to Memmingen airport. Transfer to and from Wigratzbad by hired coach will be organised for our group. 

In case you prefer to drive or take the train, the nearest railway station is HERGATZ (1 mile from Wigratzbad), on the Munich-Lindau-Zurich line. Friedrichshafen airport is 40mn drive, Zurich airport is 1h40 drive, and Munich airport 1h50 drive. By train from either airport: Zurich (Swiss rail: www.sbb.ch/en/home.html); Munich (German rail: www.bahn.de/i/view/GBR/en/index.shtml).

From outside England: nearest airports: Zurich; Munich (either airport is about 2 hours drive/train from Wigratzbad).

Accommodation: Single bedrooms are booked for us in Wigratzbad at the Pilgerheim St. Josef (www.gebetsstaette.de). En-suite shower and WC. Bed sheets and towels will be provided. 

Full board (breakfast, lunch and supper provided).

Wigratzbad in a hamlet where the two main buildings are the diocesan Marian shrine (church + pilgrims hostel) – and the ‘Priesterseminar Sankt Petrus’ (the international seminary run by the Priestly Fraternity of St Peter, located across the street on Kirchstrasse 16, D-88145, Wigratzbad, Germany. About 80 seminarians study there, mostly from Europe).  

After two years of refurbishment, the large shrine church is now fully operational, allowing our group to attend the community liturgies at will.

Blog of the seminary in Wigratzbad: http://fsspwigratzbad.blogspot.co.uk/.

Liturgy: any participant may attend or offer Holy Mass in the liturgical Form of their choice, as the diocesan shrine where we stay is equipped for both the Ordinary and the Extraordinary Forms.

What to bring:

• Priests: Own alb, amice, purificator(s), pall, corporal, cincture (biretta is optional).

• Priests/Deacons: Surplice and white stole for Eucharistic adoration.

• Alarm clock.

• Outdoor footwear and clothes for walks. 

• Good spiritual books for your personal meditation, as there will not be a library available and the local bookshop sells books in German only.

• Pad and pen if you wish to take notes during our two daily conferences.

Arrival: Monday 4 May afternoon: landing at Memmingen Airport and 40-minute drive to Wigratzbad. (Earlier arrival possible).

Departure: Friday 8 May after lunch; landing in the UK in mid afternoon. 

On option: stay on with us for one day of tourism: Lindau peninsula on Lake Constance, dinner in local ‘Gasthaus’ (restaurant) and colossal Benedictine Abbey of Ottobeuren – with take off from Memmingen on Saturday afternoon.

Cost: £290 (all inclusive for 4 full days full board in modern single rooms with en-suite bathroom + conference room + organisation fees + transportation from the airport and back). 

Optional tourism day: add £80 extra, i.e. £370 in total.

Not included: return journey from your parish to Memmingen airport: for convenience, each priest will book his own flight (estimated cost of return flight from England with Ryanair: between £80 and £150). 

Booking: Please send your Name-Surname-Address-Telephone-Email with your £100 deposit cheque made payable to FSSP ENGLAND to: Clergy Retreat, St John Fisher House, 17 Eastern Avenue, Reading, RG1 5RU, England. [Other currency: contact the FSSP.]

Info/Contact: malleray [at] fssp.org; Tel:  +44 (0)118 966 5284.

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LMS Ordo for 2015 on sale

13 NOVEMBER 2014

The LMS's much praised and much sought after Traditional Ordo is now on sale.

For those who don't know, the Ordo is a day-to-day guide for the Missal of 1962 and the Breviary edition of 1961.

It gives details of Masses and the Office for every day of the year, including diocesan variations in England and Wales. To our knowledge. it is the only Ordo for the Old Rite that contains local information for this country. Indispensable for priests, MCs and anyone wishing to know which Mass they should expect on any given day of the year. Spiral bound so that it can lay flat. A unique guide.

For the past two years, we have sold out very early in the New Year, so do not delay, order yours today to avoid disappointment! You can order online here:

Ordo 2015

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LMS 2015 wall calendarLMS Calendar for 2015 now on sale online

12 NOVEMBER 2015

Our ever popular wall calendar is now available to buy online. The LMS Calendar for 2015 features photographs of LMS and other Traditional Catholic events in this country and abroad plus feast days according to the 1962 Missal.

The calendar is A3 size, spiral bound at the top with a hanging loop, and there is plenty of space to write your appointments.

You can order your copy today (below):

Traditional Catholic Calendar 2015

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Bishop Semeraro of Albano: %22excommunications%22Recent 'Excommunications' of Lay Supporters of SSPX - Press Release from the Latin Mass Society




COMMENT: letters from the Bishop Semeraro of Albano, Italy (photo, right), and then from Bishop Sarlinga of Zárate-Campana in Argentina, have declared that the lay faithful who receive the sacraments from priests and bishops of the Society of St Pius X (SSPX) are automatically excommunicated, and would need to go through a process authorised by the bishop to be readmitted to communion with the Church (i.e., not simply confession). The Latin Mass Society holds no brief to defend the position of the SSPX, which is canonically irregular, but feels it necessary to point out that these letters are not just ill-considered but have potentially very serious pastoral consequences. They imply that anyone who has ever been to Mass said by a priest of the SSPX is not welcome in the churches of these dioceses. This conflicts not only with the ‘opening of hearts’ requested by Pope Benedict XVI as a prelude to a healing of these divisions ‘in the heart of the Church’, but equally with the emphasis on mercy of Pope Francis.

CANON LAW BRIEFING: In light of canonical advice from our National Chaplain and Canonical Adviser, Mgr Gordon Read, the Latin Mass Society would like to clarify some canonical principles in relation to the recent statements of Bishop Semeraro of Albano, Italy, and Bishop Sarlinga of Zárate-Campana in Argentina, lest misunderstandings spread to dioceses around the world.

1. Basing a canonical argument on the assumption that the Society of Pius X (SSPX) has no canonical status in the Church and that its priests are suspended following ordination without dimissorial letters, it does not follow that to seek the sacraments at their hands is an act of formal schism on the part of the lay faithful.

a. Such a conclusion conflicts with the lifting of the excommunication of the bishops of the SSPX by Pope Benedict XVI in 2009: it would be incongruous for the legislator to lift the excommunication of the bishops while imposing or maintaining it on the lay faithful to whom they minister.

b. It also conflicts with the provision in canon law for the effects of suspension or excommunication of a priest to be lifted when someone approaches the priest subject to the penalty in order to receive a sacrament (canon 1335).

2. Excommunication by adherence to a schism can only be incurred where there is both a schismatic intention and an external act (canon 1321).

a. It is clear therefore that excommunication is not incurred by those seeking the sacraments at the hands of priests of the SSPX without a schismatic intention.

b. Were a member of the lay faithful to incur excommunication by a schismatic intention, this would be a matter of the private forum (the confessional), and not the public forum.

c. Those under the age of sixteen cannot in any case incur a penalty (canon 1323.1); this would apply to those under this age who received baptism or confirmation.

3. The attitude of the Holy See has always been that lay faithful who receive the sacraments from priests of the SSPX are not excommunicated. Examples are as follows.

a. In 1991 Bishop Joseph Ferrario of Honolulu declared six lay Catholics excommunicated on grounds of schism for having procured the services of an SSPX bishop to administer confirmation. These appealed to the Holy See which, though Cardinal Ratzinger as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, declared the decree invalid because their action, though considered blameworthy, did not constitute schism.

b. On 5th September 2005, the Holy See, through the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, affirmed that ‘the faithful who attend the Masses of the aforesaid Fraternity are not excommunicates, and the priests who celebrate them are not, either—the latter are, in fact, suspended.’ (Protcol n.55/2005, signed by the then Secretary of the PCED, Mgr Camille Perl)

c. On 27th September 2002, quoted and reaffirmed on 18th January 2003, the Holy See, through the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, stated that ‘In the strict sense you may fulfil your Sunday obligation by attending a Mass celebrated by a priest of the Society of St. Pius X.’ (Letters signed by Mgr Camille Perl).


Bishop Marcello Semeraro of Albano, Italy, in a letter to his diocese dated 14th October 2014, declared:

The Catholic faithful cannot participate at Mass, neither request and/or receive Sacraments from or in the Society. Acting otherwise would mean to break communion with the Catholic Church.

Therefore, any Catholic faithful who requests and receives Sacraments in the Society of Saint Pius X, will place himself de facto in the condition of no longer being in communion with the Catholic Church. A readmission to the Catholic Church must be preceded by an adequate personal path of reconciliation, according to the ecclesiastical discipline established by the Bishop.

See: http://rorate-caeli.blogspot.com/2014/10/pope-close-advisor-and-member-of.html

Bishop Semeraro is coincidentally the Secretary to the Council of Cardinals set up to advise the Pope. Albano is the location of the Italian headquarters of the SSPX.

Bishop Óscar Sarlinga of Zárate-Campana in Argentina, in a letter to his diocese dated 3rd November 2014, declared:

-It is not licit for the Catholic faithful to take part in the celebration of Mass in these conditions, neither to request nor to receive sacraments from the priests of the aforementioned "Society of Saint Pius X", including in private places turned into places of worship, without excluding, in case of obstinacy, also the ferendae sententiae penalties that may apply, according to the ecclesial spirit and that of protection of the faithful.

- In the case of the rupture of ecclesiastical communion by the above-mentioned founded motives, in order to be later readmitted to the Catholic Church, a personal path of reconciliation (and eventually of removal of the canonical censure) will be required, according to the discipline advised by the Holy See and the [diocese's] own, established by the diocesan bishop.

See: http://rorate-caeli.blogspot.com/2014/11/another-bishop-excommunicates-faithful.html#more

The Latin Mass Society, founded in 1965, promotes and supports the celebration of the Traditional Mass and sacraments (Extraordinary Form, Vetus Ordo) within the official structures of the Church and with the permission and cooperation of the bishops and the Holy See.


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Pontifical High Mass at Norwich Cathedral


Saturday 1 November, the Feast of All Saints, saw a momentous occasion: as far as we are aware, the first Mass sung at the Throne in East Anglia since the Protestant Reformation. Bishop Alan Hopes stepped into the history books in offering High Mass at the Throne for the Feast of All Saints in St John's Cathedral, Norwich. 

As far as we know, it was also the first time since the liturgical changes in the wake of the Second Vatican Council, that an English bishop has offered High Mass at his own cathedral church.

The deacon was Fr Michael Collis, curate at the cathedral. Subdeacon was Fr Henry Whisenant, curate at Our Lady and English Martyrs, Cambridge. The assistant deacons were Fr David Paul, dean of the cathedral and Fr Denys Lloyd, parish priest of Our Lady and St Joseph, Sheringham. The assistant priest was Canon Pierre-Emmanuel Poullain ICKSP, secretary to Monsignor Gilles Wach and the ceremonies conducted by a Canon Gilles Guitard ICKSP, vice-chancellor of the Institute of Christ the King.

The music, Victoria's Missa O quam gloriosum, was conducted by Christopher Hodkinson, and accompanied by period instruments.

The Abbot of Farnborough was present in choir with some of his monks. The Abbot very kindly loaned the Sacred Vestments for the Mass. The Teignmouth Abbey set, which is around 100 years old, present the 15 mysteries of the Holy Rosary on 15 embroidered panels across all of the vestments. The same set was worn by Bishop (now Archbishop) Malcolm McMahon when he presided at the Throne, at a Mass offered at Holy Cross Priory, Leicester, two years ago.

It has been reported that around 300 people attended the Mass. We are delighted with these developments in East Anglia, ad multos annos!

Photo Credit Rebecca Keane.

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