LMS Anniversary Supporters’ Appeal

1965-2015 - Fifty years of campaigning for the Traditional Mass

In 2015, the Latin Mass Society celebrated its half-centenary.

Over the past fifty years, the LMS has been a constant voice campaigning for the preservation and promotion of the Traditional Mass. In recent times we have seen a number of breakthroughs, but there is a great deal of work still to be done before the Old Rite is freely available for all Catholics, as Pope Benedict desired.

The Latin Mass does not just appear by itself in parishes—it is the result of continual work by supporters of the Old Rite. The Latin Mass Society is the only lay organisation in this country campaigning for the Traditional Mass, and we cannot continue our work without support from you.

Helping our campaigning work to grow

That is why we launched a scheme to ensure the continued expansion of the Society’s work. To provide a predictable income for the Society for our new and existing projects, we called, and continue to call, on our supporters to consider making regular donations of a few pounds a month.

We have set ourselves a target of ‘Anniversary Supporters’ as follows:

200 people to commit to giving an extra £2.50 a month

100 people an extra £5 a month

50 people an extra £10 a month

Never have the prospects for the traditional movement in England and Wales been more positive. Never has the Latin Mass Society been more active.

Please support our transition to the next fifty years of our work. Thank you. 

How to donate

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