Mass of Ages (Winter 2011)

Mass of Ages is the quarterly magazine of the Latin Mass Society, containing reports about the LMS's many activities across the country, national and international news of Traditional Catholic events, feature articles on different aspects of the traditional Faith and culture, and opinions and views on developments in the Catholic Church.

All change for Winter 2011 - a revamped magazine!
Under the editorship of newly appointed Gregory Murphy we have gone into full colour, made several changes in the content and style of the mag, increased the number of pages, increased the number of photos, but held the price at £2.50 plus postage.

In the new Winter 2011 edition, we have interviews and special features, news from around the country, the first of regular reports from Rome, a new family notebook column, an Advent feature, a special appeal about Lourdes, an interview with an ex-LMS Rep turned priest, a feature on the 40th anniversary of the Heenan Indult, in-depth reports from WYD from a Traditionalist perspective, comment and opinion columns, a fascinating delve into the LMS archives from past decades, your letters and a prize crossword, plus full listings of Traditional Masses across England and Wales. And in forthcoming issues we'll be adding more articles and regular columns to the mix.

Below you can download taster articles from the current edition and buy a hard copy of the entire magazine:

In generatione et generationem by Gregory Murphy

New Editor Gregory Murphy introduces himself, how he came to discover the Traditional Mass, how he would like to develop the magazine, and more besides. 

'“You realise the headache and jaw-ache only affects you on Sunday evenings?”, said my long-suffering wife. With such insight I was on my way to self-diagnosis.' Read more>>

Familiar with Lourdes?

The LMS would like to organise a pilgrimage to Lourdes with the sick. This is an ambitious project but ordinary members can help us make it a reality. Read more>>

Roman Reflections: Selling Celibacy Eventually by Eugene Moore

News from the Eternal City and how a series of articles about priestly celibacy sneaked in under the radar in the Vatican's official newspaper. The first of a regular column from Rome. Read more>>


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Mass of Ages (Winter 2011)

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